AMA with Hans van Dam: Proven Conversational Design Tactics

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Dive into this workshop

Join us for a special AMA with Hans van Dam, as we break down proven tactics for conversation design teams all around the world.

Level up your conversation design knowledge with Conversation Design Institute

Hans van Dam is a seasoned conversation design expert. Ever since founding Conversation Design Institute, he's had the chance at not only scaling his own knowledge but distilling it down into lessons for professionals all around the world. In this AMA, we'll dive deep into what are some of the proven tactics used in CxD teams and how you can level up your learning with conversation design.

What can you expect by attending?

  • How voice has evolved in the past few years and what the future holds
  • Best practices used by some of the best in class teams
  • Frameworks for scaling your conversation design practice
  • How to define tactics for new and upcoming projects

Can't attend LIVE?

As a global company, we want to ensure that our users get the most out of their experience no matter where they are in the world.

If you can't attend live, shoot us a message and we'll be sure to send a follow-up with the details outlined in the AMA.