AMA with Kane Simms, Co-founder of VUX World

Friday, April 24, 2020
10:30AM PDT / 1:30PM EST

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Join our Head of Growth at Voiceflow and Kane Simms, Cofounder of VUX World as they dive into the future of voice and its impact on design.

Curious what the future of the voice looks like?

Tune in as Emily Lonetto, Head of Growth at Voiceflow sits down with Kane Simms, the Co-founder of VUX World to chat about the future state of voice and its impact on design.

About the Speaker

Kane Simms, Cofounder of VUX World
Kane Simms
VUX World

Kane is a voice pioneer – over the years, he and VUX World co-founder, Dustin Coates, have educated thousands of listeners across the globe on the details of voice strategy, design, and technology, through one of the most popular and longest standing industry podcasts, VUX World. Outside of the podcast, VUX World works with clients on creating and implementing voice strategies and solutions to find businesses ROI in conversational AI.

What can you expect by attending?

  • Deep insights on the state of voice and strategies for new builders
  • A chance to ask one of the best in the industry for advice
  • Tips and tricks for pushing your next voice experience

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