Fix It Hour with Nico - APL, QuickCharts, Airtable

Thursday, April 9, 2020
8:00AM PDT / 11:00AM EST

Dive into this workshop

This week on Fix it Hour: using APL and QuickCharts in your Voiceflow projects, integrations and Airtable questions, and Google Classroom.

Office Hours: Every Thursday at 8:00AM PDT

Whether you're new to Voiceflow or looking to get some advice – Fix it Hour is for you. Tune in as Nico, our resident Voiceflow expert dives into real projects built by our community and answers your questions live.

Who is this for?

  • Active users looking for help on their projects
  • Early builders looking for best practices
  • Users seeking inspiration and who want to learn more about conversation design

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What is Voiceflow?

Voiceflow makes it easy to design, develop, and prototype voice experiences with little to no code. Using our visual, drag and drop tool, builders are able to design, share, and publish directly to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa in minutes.