How to Build a Telephone/IVR System: UX Best Practices

Friday, August 21, 2020
10:00AM PDT / 1:00PM EST

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A look into the best ways to build an IVR system, hosted by Stuart Silverstein, Dr. of Service Design at AIG

Learn the best practices of building an Telephone/IVR system

IVR systems have helped pioneer voice assistances and conversation design for decades. In this workshop, we sit down with Stuart Silverstein – the Director of Service Design at AIG to talk about his experience in conversation design, how he thinks about bot and voice experiences, and how it ties into the future of IVR system design.

Stuart is a Service and UX designer with for AIG, where he serves as Director of Service Design. Prior to AIG, he worked with both client side and agency side for consumer brands like Fandango, Mattel, T-Mobile, and on the professional services side with such as LegalZoom, Mr. Cooper, REX Real Estate and more.

He specializes in designing Enterprise platforms, helping companies understand people’s work habits, and translating those learnings into systems, processes and tools that work better for them. He thrives on breaking down big nasty systems that are in need of understanding, in order to simplify them and identify areas of improvement that will provide the most impact.

What can you expect by attending?

  • In depth workshop on the frameworks and foundations of IVR design
  • Breakdown of challenges and opportunities to reach a POC, faster
  • Live Q&A with Stuart and the Voiceflow team

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