Start with Sam: How to Make a Linktree Experience Using Voiceflow

Tuesday, August 24, 2021
9:00AM PDT / 12:00PM EDT

Dive into this workshop

In this starter workshop, we build a branded experience using multiple links - perfect for beginners.


In our new Start with Sam series, Sam – Growth Manager at Voiceflow, breaks down the wall behind some of the most popular applications in the marketplace. In this session, he'll rebuild a "Linktree" experience in Voiceflow. Easily serve up multiple links, create a branded experience, and get creative with how you engage with your audience.

In this workshop, conversation designers will get:

  • An understanding of the best practices for creating voice/chat experiences
  • A flash overview of Voiceflow and it's functionality
  • A template to begin building your own Linktree conversation experience
  • Hands-on demonstration of designing consumer apps using Voiceflow

This workshop is perfect for anyone – and can serve as a great introduction to the how-tos of conversation design.