Live Bot Teardown - Community Event

Monday, February 28, 2022

Dive into this workshop

In this event, we'll be reviewing Voice and Chatbots submitted by registrants to create better user experiences.

Get Another Pair of Eyes On Your Conversation Designs

The Live Bot teardown event is a community-focused event meant to lift up the work done by all Voiceflow users. Think of it as a design critique for voice and chatbots.

Join as Sara, our community manager and former Bot Builder, is joined by an expert in the conversation design space to help make your conversational experiences more user friendly.

In this workshop, we'll cover: 

  • Best practices for the conversational interfaces you're building for
  • Tactical tips on your prototypes or conversation design to create more seamless user experiences
  • New Voiceflow features to take advantage of you may not know about

This workshop is great for conversation design beginners AND experts who want an outside opinion on how their conversations flow.