Start with Sam: How to design an interactive story for Alexa using custom voices

Tuesday, January 25, 2022
9:00AM PDT / 12:00PM EDT

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In this starter workshop, we design an interactive story for Alexa using custom voices.

Design an Adventure Story w/ Custom Character Voices

In our Start with Sam series, Sam from the Growth team rebuilds some of the most popular applications in the marketplace.

In this workshop, he's joined by a special guest: Fawad Ahmed - Growth Manager at Resemble.AI

The two will live build a choose-your-own-adventure story complete with custom character voices using Voiceflow and Resemble.AI.

In this workshop, conversation designers will get:

  • An overview of the Voiceflow canvas and Resemble.AI's features
  • A hands-on live demo building a choose-your-own-adventure style Alexa skill
  • A plug and play template that anyone can use to build their own interactive story
This workshop is perfect for anyone – and can serve as a great introduction to the how-tos of conversation design & Voiceflow.