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How to connect and remove data using Airtable (DELETE Request)

A DELETE Request is an API function that allows you to delete existing information in an external database.

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API Integration
Marina Moreno
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In this template, we'll show you how to link a Voiceflow project to an Airtable database. Then, we'll explain how to find and delete data from that database using an API step (DELETE request).

If you aren't familiar with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) you can think of them as ways to connect data sources and perform external actions. To learn more about Voiceflow's API step and how to use it, check out our video tutorial.

💡 What else can you build with this template?

There are many different ways you can use Airtable with Voiceflow's API step to perform all sorts of requests - from finding and deleting existing data to saving user responses to a specific field in your Airtable database. By harnessing the power of Voiceflow and Airtable, you can create rich experiences such as:

1. Editorial calendars
2. To-do lists
3. Idea trackers
4. Product SKU lookup
5. Expense tracking

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