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How to build a classroom assistant for teachers

The classroom assistant template helps teachers easily communicate with students' parents and/or guardians. The experience uses visuals, voice, and buttons to share real-time classroom updates and collect contact information.
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Conversational AI helps to open lines of communication that are not typically available. Education is one industry that is consistently looking to improve communication channels, especially when it comes to connecting with parents/guardians at home. The Classroom Assistant template is an Amazon Alexa Skill that uses voice and visuals to do just that.

From homework updates to gathering student information, this assistant will help teachers in the classroom connect with parents & guardians at home through a consistent and accessible mode of communication.

What does this template offer?

  • Overview of template design and vital components
  • Use Google Sheets to easily collect name and email information
  • Employ conditions to make the experience contextual for new/returning users
  • Publish an Alexa Skill directly from the canvas
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