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How to build an effective In-Car Assistant that scales

Our intelligent conversational in-car assistant template will give you the inspiration you need to create your next hands-free experience.

Use Cases
Automotive, Travel, Display Visuals
In-Car Assistant, Voice Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Basic Steps
Logic Steps
Custom Action
Custom Audio
Marina Moreno
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Not sure where to begin when designing an in-car assistant? Not to worry. With this fully customizable template, you can quickly modify and scale this hands-free experience to your liking. This project is broken down into quick actions (commands) and more comprehensive topics like playing music, getting directions, and making a phone call. Available for Voice Assistant and Alexa (coming soon).

This template will teach you: 

  • How to organize your designs into Topics and Commands
  • How to add custom earcons and visuals to brand your in-car assistant
  • How to trigger intents globally vs. locally
  • How to use the condition step to create better user experiences
  • How to create a shuffle feature for playing a sequence of audio tracks

🚘 The future is In-car Assistants

Providing a convenient conduit between users and a vehicle's systems and services, voice assistants make it possible for drivers to access information and perform tasks while still keeping their hands on the wheel.

With automakers making every effort to include built-in voice assistants in their vehicles, in-car assistants are booming in popularity. Today, more than 127 million users (55% of the U.S. population) are currently using in-car voice assistants according to

So what are you waiting for? By adapting and scaling this foundational template, you can quickly create a powerful assistant that fits the needs of your users and your business.

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