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How to build a LinkTree using voice & visuals

Today's creators need to make their channels visible while also engaging with community. From podcasts to newsletters, the Creator LinkTree template organizes and promotes channels in a convenient, multi-modal experience.

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A multi-modal experience boosts the quality of a conversation. In today's creator economy, these social media personalities, video makers, and audio experts rely on connecting with an audience and building a community. Building on the often used LinkTree, the Creator LinkTree template uses voice and visuals to showcase a creator's channels and connect with an audience.

What does this template offer?

  • Overview of template design and vital components
  • Use Google Sheets or AirTable integrations to capture leads
  • Employ visuals, audio, and GIFs for multimodal communication
  • Create shareable prototypes using specific branding

💡 What else can you build with this template?

The LinkTree template makes it easy for anyone on any platform to creatively engage with and inform. Here are a few ideas that can help with your design:

  1. A single place for fans to find news and content on their favourite sports team
  2. Showcase all channels for a media personality
  3. List all platforms for a social media influencer
  4. Creative agency dynamically outlines their services

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