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How to create a custom audio experience

Design a scalable, interactive audio experience to fit your brand. Easily catalog your content, update existing assets, define new paths, and repurpose speak, choice, and intent steps to suit your needs.

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Are you looking for a better way to showcase your online course or podcast? The custom audio experience is a multi-purpose template that makes it easy for you to catalog your content to match your business's brand. This flexible design was built with the user experience in mind, as it provides several intuitive options/paths the user can explore.

Using this template, you can upload and house recorded audio, add visuals, expand user menus, and use intents to catalogue your content while creating dynamic, repeatable pathways.

In this template we'll cover how to:

  • Design an interactive custom audio experience using intents (courses) and recorded audio
  • Use the visual step to add custom images for added context
  • Enhance the user experience through expanded menu options and intent-based design
  • Create shareable prototypes using custom branding

💡 What else can you build with this template?

The custom audio experience template makes it easy to create a catalog, playlist, or course-based audio experience. Here are a few ideas that can help with your design:

  1. Interactive podcast experience for your brand or business
  2. A running archive for university lectures (audio) 
  3. Cook book + recipes using audio & visuals
  4. Masterclass or course-based experience
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