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How to design an ESL Assistant

Say hello to your virtual English language coach.
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Designed by Diedra Jones

The ESL Assistant is a conversational chatbot for ESL students (English to Speakers of other Languages). A common obstacle for language learners is feeling nervous or "blocked". That is why I implemented a small talk warm-up found at the beginning of this experience. This is designed to help learners relax and stop focusing on their nerves.

To help strike up a conversation, the template uses weather data through an API call. The career-specific conversational flow has been designed to be expanded with task-based flows, APIs, and branching conversational paths.

This template will teach you: 

  • How to employ longer than usual delays between text steps to accommodate non-native readers of English
  • How to use APIs and a GET request to retrieve information using user data
  • The use of re-prompts and error handling
  • How to create a command that can be accessed anywhere in your project
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