Diving into Documentation: How to use flows, storyboards & scripts

Wednesday, May 12, 2021
9:00AM PDT / 12:00 PM EST

Dive into this workshop

From flows to storyboards, to scripts and documentation, Rebecca & Diana (co-authors of Conversations With Things) break down documentation.

Learn how to master CXD documentation

Despite the Wild West nature of documenting conversations, the good news is there are ways to create searchable, editable, navigable documents that work for your whole team.

Rebecca and Diana will take you through a preview of the Documentation chapter of their book Conversations with Things, and explain how to use flows, storyboards, and scripts to create documentation that can work for everyone from the design team to dev and QA to business stakeholders. (Spoiler alert: these are going to be different artifacts.) Plenty of time for Q&A as well in this laidback conversation.

This week's special guest

Diana Deibel

Design Director | VUI/VUX Speaker | Co-author of Conversations with Things

Diana is an experienced conversation designer who came to design via the entertainment industry and script writing. She is currently the Design Director at the Chicago-based digital product design and strategy firm, Grand Studio, and the co-author (with Rebecca Evanhoe) of the Rosenfeld book, Conversations with Things.

Rebecca Evanhoe

Conversation Designer | Co-author of Conversations with Things

Rebecca is a conversation design expert with a specializing in chatbots, VUIs, iOT, and immersive and multimodal interactions. With background in UX writing, information architecture, intent design and much more – she's a valuable member of the voice community and a pioneer on teaching conversation design to the next generation.

Emily Lonetto

Head of Growth at Voiceflow

Having previously grown communities at Clio, GrowthTO, PartnerStack, and Tilt (acq. by Airbnb), Emily approaches growth from both a product and community lens. Originally joining the Voiceflow team as an advisor back when they were known as Storyflow, she's helped scale and manage growth marketing, community, and partnerships at Voiceflow.

What can you expect by attending?

  • Expert advice from conversation designers
  • Tips on how to hone your craft as a conversation designer or developer
  • Insider information on how the best in class optimize their team workflow
  • Q&A with the special guests

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