How to Create Experiences that Blend Voice & Visuals

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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In this workshop, we'll break down the best practices for multi-modal design. Learn how visuals & voice blend, to create a better experience


Conversations rarely take place in one medium. Whether voice, visuals, and/or chat, today's conversation designers are tasked with building experiences that are tailored to the way users navigate their days - and that's multimodal. As we’re heading toward a future where multimodal is the norm and no longer an option, Elaine Anzaldo - Conversational UX Designer at NLX - will share her map for multimodal design.

In this workshop, conversation designers will get:

  • An understanding of the best practices for multimodal design
  • A framework for handling prototypes across smart displays, mobile, and web
  • Hands-on demonstration of designing for multimodal experiences using Voiceflow

About Elaine

Meet conversation designer Elaine Anzaldo. She's a master of multimodal conversational AI experiences, and she's currently designing for enterprise brands in her role at NLX.

Elaine began her career as an account manager for a large technology company - making outbound calls at least 60 times daily. Every day, she went through the pain of calling interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Elaine knew these experiences between humans and computers could be better. She thought, “Are people even working on this problem?” To her delight, they were.

After discovering and diving into all things conversation design through articles, online events, and podcasts, Elaine was hooked and quickly took on a contract role at Apple on their Siri team to get her foot in the door.

This momentum continued as she earned a conversation design certificate through Voice Tech Global’s Advanced Conversational Experience Design course. Here Elaine was introduced to the frameworks and tools that designers use, including Voiceflow.

Today, Elaine is hard at work on Voice Compass® — a new product offering from NLX. With her CxD skills, she’s dedicated to creating multimodal experiences that put the user in the driver’s seat and let them design their own journey at every step.

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