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Nicolas Arcay Bermejo

With this template, you'll have a running Discord Bot to let you automate FAQs, run image generation, do character role play, or generate random facts. Use it for any type of bot (ie. role play bot, music bot, poll bot).

Simply download our Voiceflow template, run a prototype, then deploy to Discord with minimal dev experience needed. In 10 minutes, you'll have a running Discord Bot ready to support your server needs. Here are the instructions:

  1. Clone the Voiceflow project to your workspace
  2. Follow our guide to set up the Discord Bot
  3. Clone the Github repo and make any necessary modifications
  4. You're live! Test your Discord Bot, update anything on Voiceflow in realtime and it will be updated live on the app itself
  5. Improve and iterate your assistant with Voiceflow transcripts
Nicolas Arcay Bermejo
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Product Advocate @ Voiceflow