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With this template, you'll have a running Shopify chatbot for your e-commerce store to let you automate FAQs, suggest product lines, and boost your customer experience.

Simply download our Voiceflow template, run a prototype, then deploy to your Shopify store with minimal dev experience needed. Here are the instructions:

  1. Clone the Voiceflow project to your workspace
  2. Add sources to your Knowledge Base (ie. PDF, URLs, Docx files)
  3. Hit the blue play button to run a prototype of your chat experience
  4. Hit publish then embed widget to grab the chatbot snippet
  5. Head to your Shopify themes code and add it in the body tag
  6. You're live! Test your new chatbot, update anything on Voiceflow in realtime and it will be updated live in your store
  7. Improve and iterate your assistant with Voiceflow transcripts and analytics
Daniel D'Souza
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